HGTV's 'Home Town' Erin and Ben Napier to release memoir

HGTV's 'Home Town' Erin and Ben Napier to release memoir

From the big screen to the bookshelf--- the stars of Home and Garden TV's "Home Town" are allowing their fans to see another side of them. Ben and Erin Napier announced they are releasing a memoir--- "Make Something Good Today"--- in October.

"We can't wait until "Make Something Good Today" is out there in the wild, in the stores and on your nightstands," said Erin Napier in a blog post. "There's so much we haven't told you about and we poured it all into the book."

Prior to becoming a television star, Erin was in corporate graphic design. Her dream was to be a book designer for a major publisher in a far away city like Louise Fili. However, she decided to stay in the quaint town of Laurel and "bloom where she was planted."

"I hung on to this dream until I decided my love for family here in Laurel was greater than my desire to leave them," she said in her blog. "I had to learn for myself that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence."

Ben's background is in wood design. So, Erin isn't the only one with a creative side. Ben, who has a minor in English and creative writing, also had a goal of penning his own book one day.

Back in 2010, Erin began documenting important milestones in her life in a journal. She wrote about leaving her day job, starting her own stationery company, fighting a chronic illness, buying a forever home, fears about having children, her life in front of the camera and everything in between. It's those experiences, Napier says gave life to "Make Something Good Today."

"...Since May 2017, after a secret meeting in New York, Ben and I set to work taking the memories from eight years of this journal, curating moments and days into longer stories, but not just from my perspective--- Ben's too."

Three months ago, the couple had their first child--- Helen. The new addition to the family has kept the pair on their toes.

"There have been many long days since Helen was born, writing for hours on end and collaborating with our editors on what was important enough to keep, and what we had to let go of," she said in a blog post. "Thankfully, Helen is a good sleeper and let us focus on this work in its final stages."

A journey of remodeling homes in the small town of Laurel led them to stardom. The couple uses "found materials and old textiles" to keep the character of old historical homes while giving them a modern touch. With Erin's imaginative sketches coupled with Ben's wooden handiwork, the two have fostered a following that's led them to a season three of "Home Town."

A release date has not been scheduled for the book, but Napier says pre-order will be available soon.