Report: Bike rider bitten by pit bull on the Longleaf Trace

Report: Bike rider bitten by pit bull on the Longleaf Trace
The dog bite was reported in Lamar County. Source: WDAM.

PINE BELT - A bike ride on the Longleaf Trace turned dangerous for one woman last weekend.

Lamar County Sheriff Danny Rigel said the department received a report of a dog bite around 10:30 Saturday morning. The woman said she was riding her bike on the Rails-and-Trails near the Jackson Station when a dog bit her on the side,according to Rigel.

The report said the the pit bull was on a leash and also had a 'service animal' vest on. According to Rigel, the woman said the dog lunged at her and the dog's owner said the woman rode up behind the dog and spooked him.

The dog was taken to the local vet to get checked out and the owner provided documentation that all shots were up to date. Rigel said no charges had been filed.

With the days getting warmer and sun shining longer, we wanted to remind you of the rules and regulations of The Longleaf Trace before your next walk, run or bike ride.

All dogs must be on a leash, but there is no rule when it comes to the length of that leash. Mary Scruggs, the Office Manager for the trace, suggests a shorter leash to keep dogs close.

"It's probably a better idea for you to have them on a shorter leash so that way they are in range to you," said Scruggs.

All bicyclists are also urged to announce themselves if they are approaching walkers or runners from behind.

"We like for bikers to announce themselves to people who are walking before they go around. We tell everybody to stay to the right side of the trail," said Scruggs. "Sometimes it's hard to hear someone coming, so we like for them to announce themselves."

When it comes to motorized vehicles, golf carts are allowed, but they must have a decal through registration at the trace office. Cars, ATVs and motorized scooters are not allowed.

"Know where you are on the trail, whether it be a roadway or a mile marker," said Scruggs. "If it's an emergency, dial 911 and let them know where you are."

Rules & Regulations:

  1. No petroleum-propelled vehicles are permitted on the trail except emergency, maintenance, and patrol vehicles authorized by the district.
  2. No person under 12 years of age is allowed on the trail unless accompanied by an adult.
  3. Fires are allowed only in grills and fire pits provided in designated areas.
  4. Vandalism of any building, structure, plants, signs, or property of the district is prohibited.
  5. No person shall litter or dispose of litter except in waste containers provided by the district.
  6. Horseback riding is permitted only on the equestrian trail and shall cross the paved trail only at designated places.
  7. All users of the trail shall yield to all horse traffic at equestrian crossings.
  8. Firearms of any kind are prohibited on the trail except for authorized personnel, law enforcement officers, or by permit.
  9. Hunting is prohibited on the trail or on any property of the district.
  10. Shooting a firearm on, over, across, or down the trail is prohibited.
  11. Explosives or fireworks are prohibited on the trail.
  12. Disorderly conduct is prohibited including, but not limited to: abusive language, intoxication, disturbance of other persons using the trail, or breach of peace.
  13. Possession or use of alcoholic beverages on the trail is prohibited.
  14. Any and all advertising, exhibitions, solicitation, and contributions are prohibited except by special permit authorized and issued by the district.
  15. Entrance to the trail is authorized only at public roads and other designated points of entrance.
  16. No glass containers permitted on the trail.
  17. No dogs shall be allowed on the trail or other property of the district unless on a leash and accompanied by the owner of said dog or dogs.
  18. Any violations of these rules and regulations shall be punishable as provided by state law.
  19. Any person or group desiring a special permit, for reasons of being handicapped or otherwise, may apply to the director of the district for such a permit. Such request shall be made not less than 15 days prior to the date said permit is to be used.
  20. Parking facilities are provided at some public entrances to the trail. Parking should be as designated by posted sign.

For special rules and regulations, as well as guidelines for golf carts, click here.