AARP warns of Medicare scam

AARP warns of Medicare scam
(Photo source: WDAM)

AARP is warning Medicare recipients about a new scam regarding Medicare ID cards.

This month Medicare began issuing new identification cards without enrollees' Social Security numbers on the cards. The new cards are designed to enhance security, but scammers have started targeting the nation's 58 million Medicare beneficiaries, according to an AARP Fraud Watch Network press release.

Scammers are posing as Medicare representatives and contacting enrollees to demand credit card payment as the procession fee of the new card, though there is no processing fee. Scammers may also say Medicare needs to verify personal information, such as your Social Security number, before issuing a new card.

Another version of the scam tells beneficiaries they are due a refund and asks for bank account information.

Do not give out personal information to people posing as Medicare recipients. For more information, visit