Snapchat misinterpreted as possible school threat

Snapchat misinterpreted as possible school threat
Teachers and administrators at Richton High School gave students a life-saving lesson about the dangers of drunk or distracted driving Tuesday morning. (Photo Source: WDAM. )

RICHTON, MS (WDAM) - A Facebook post from the Richton School District generated concern among parents late Sunday night.

The post, saying the administration was aware of a post on Snapchat and "we have already taken steps to ensure student safety," was made just after 11 p.m.  There were no other details about the investigation included.

Some parents started commenting on the post, wondering what was going on. One woman, who said a student was kept home Monday, commented, "I feel like more information should have been posted. You shouldn't be so vague with something that could be serious."

Another parent commented, "Can we get an update? My kids are at school and if they're in danger I'm sure I and all other parents would like to know!"

We reached out to Richton School District Superintendent Clay Anglin Monday morning for more information. Anglin said officials determined a photo of guns shared on Snapchat  was misinterpreted, with no threat to students, faculty or staff.

Anglin said he felt it was necessary to make parents aware of the investigation, but did not use the district's "call-out" system because it "was late last night before we got any confirmation, so we chose not to do that."

"I'm glad we posted something on there to make parents aware we were aware of it," Anglin said. "I always say its best to put the information out there that you know, but never speculate."

Anglin also said the post did not appear to impact attendance, with nothing "unusual" for this time of the year.