Hattiesburg School Board approves special election for bond renewal

Hattiesburg School Board approves special election for bond renewal

HATTIESBURG, MS - The Hattiesburg Public School District is turning to residents to help fund much-needed renovations across the district.

In a special called meeting Tuesday, the Board of Trustees approved holding a special election for a bond renewal, that could give the district up to $22.5 million for facility upgrades.  The renewal does not include an increase in taxes for residents.

"Our school district is the heartbeat of Hattiesburg," said Delores McNair, HPSD Board Member.  "Strong schools mean strong communities."

Last month, Mayor Toby Barker and Superintendent Dr. Robert Williams held a joint announcement at the district's main office to propose the approval for this bond renewal.

"The Hattiesburg Public School District is committed to providing the model teaching and learning community that graduates productive and caring citizens who are prepared to succeed," said Superintendent Williams Tuesday.

Through community input and a district audit, Williams said projects on the board include upgrades to Hattiesburg High School's facade, a new media center, courtyard and classrooms, as well as a re-design of the mufti-purpose center.  At N.R. Burger Middle School, the construction of new classrooms is on the list.  The funding will also go to 'structural repairs' needed throughout the district.

"The bond renewal will move the district forward in maintaining safe facilities and ensuring a 21st century learning environment, giving our students a competitive edge," said McNair.

The special election is scheduled for May 22.  The bond renewal will require 60-percent approval of registered voters.

"By making this vote, an easy vote, our school district, already on the path to improvement and fiscal responsibility, will have the resources to make overdue renovations, additions, and repairs to it's schools, ensuring our students have a 21st century learning environment," said Hattiesburg Mayor Toby Barker.  "This should be a slam dunk."

There will be one polling place, per ward, on May 22.  The polls will be open from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

  • Ward 1:  Cornerstone Baptist Church, W 7th Street
  • Ward 2:  Hattiesburg Train Depot
  • Ward 3:  Thames Elementary
  • Ward 4:  Kamper Park Zoo
  • Ward 5:  Rowan Elementary