Waynesboro starts work on community improvement projects

Waynesboro starts work on community improvement projects

WAYNE COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Wayne County, as a whole, is looking to change a few things on the positive side. These changes come after a study was conducted through Mississippi State University to see how the community fares compared to similar size communities.

We looked at what was revealed during the First Impressions study.

"Anything we can do to make our town beautiful I think is great," said Dianne Harris, a local business owner.

Harris is excited to see action in the community take shape following strengths and weaknesses outlined in the study.

"What we found was that we are a community that they were very surprised for all that we had for a community our size. But, they did cite us for things, such as litter and some unsightliness. What we want to try and do is address those issues that deal with aesthetics," said Wayne County Executive Director of Economic Development Joseph Dunlap.

Dunlap said they now have a blueprint leading to community improvement.

"A couple of the projects we are looking at in terms of overall aesthetics. We are looking for downtown mural and public art displays. Improving some vacant pocket parts. We have some pocket parts within the city that the city maintains, but they are not landscaped. What we are going to do is landscape those," said Dunlap.

Parks are being improved, and over all, sprucing up around town is starting to fit the mold.

"Some of the other areas we are looking at doing is around some of the flood control ditches, to plant flowers to soften the concrete exterior," said Dunlap.

There will be an emphasis, Dunlap said, of about 70 percent in the city and 30 percent in the county.

"So, we are starting to see little pockets of activity. So, the report that took two years, we are starting to see the seeds that we plant start to grow," Dunlap said.

"This is our town, and I think we are responsible for keeping it clean," Harris said.