Family seeks answers after loved one's death

Family seeks answers after loved one's death

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A Hattiesburg family is desperate for answers after their loves one was murdered in McLain this past November.

On November 5, Antonyo Lee was found shot to death off highway 57 in McLain. His mother, Sophia Lee, says from what she understands, the shooting occurred between 11 am and 1 pm that Sunday. However, she says she didn't get a call until 7 that night.

"That means my sons layed out there on the ground deceased from 11 am to 7 pm on a busy street, a main highway, and no one saw anything," says Lee.

Four months later, authorities say there has still been no arrests. His mother says he was a caring son and father who loved kids and enjoyed fishing. She says right now all the family wants is justice and peace.

"Someone down there knows what happened to my son," say Lee.

She says investigators told her his pockets were emptied and his money and jewelry were stolen.

Family members say they are hurt, confused, and angry saying more than anything they just want answers.

"He was a loving dad," says his daughter. "I loved him a lot. He always came through when I asked him for something. He was a real caring person. He cared about every body.

"Nobody's family should have to go through this especially for someone that was good to everybody," one family member said.

His mother says his death has brought her family closer and that she refuses to let the memory of her son fade away.

"As long as I got breathe in me, I'm going to be out here campaigning to see what happened to my son," says Lee.

The McLain Police Department says they have followed several tips but each one has lead to a "dead end".

If you have any information, they ask that you contact the McLain Police Department at (601) 753-2757