City of Petal annexation update

City of Petal annexation update

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - There's land outside the city of Petal the mayor is hoping to annex. The discussion started back in 2016.

Mayor Hal Marx says they're working hard and fighting to make sure things go through.

"This area got cut out for right now," Marx said. "So, we are not really fighting about this right now."

A map depicting the City of Petal growing by about seven square miles. That's the hope Mayor Hal Marx has for the thriving city.

"We actually are looking at this area, this area and those areas there," Max said. "That's what we are trying to get."

Mayor Marx says one of the reason for the annexation is because the city is running out of room to build neighborhoods.

"The thing is we are running out of room to build subdivisions so, that's one of the reasons of course we've been looking to annex is to get some more open areas so people can build. Because there are people who want to build inside the city just like there are some who want to build outside. So, we have to make sure we have a good area for that to grow."

The proposed annexation areas are marked in red.

Marx pointed out, "Area 2 is Highway 11. This is the sunrise area in here. And also, this is considered Sunrise. It's on Sunrise Road. And that out there is Highway 42 east out to the Perry County line."

Marx said the unincorporated area on Highway 11 would be more for industrial use while the other locations would allow for more residential growth.

"We have taken depositions recently," Marx said. "Some of our city department heads were deposed. We have some witnesses on the other side who are opposing annexation that we want to depose. So, our attorney is working on that."

Marx said the team will most likely go to trial some time later this year. Possibly in September.

"We've identified areas we think will fit well with our growth pattern and we think we have a good case to say we should annex," Marx said.