Brotherly dispute leads to Jones Co. manslaughter

Brotherly dispute leads to Jones Co. manslaughter
Michael Scoggins, 27, charged with manslaughter (Photo Source: WDAM Staff)

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A man was arrested after a shooting that occurred Saturday in Jones County.

Michael Scoggins, 27, is charged with manslaughter after killing his brother Kenneth Scoggins yesterday afternoon.

According to the Jones County affidavit Keith Leroy, Michael claims he was responding to an alleged domestic violence situation between Kenneth Scoggins and Kenneth's wife.

Michael's wife contacted deputies, but Michael proceeded to Kenneth's residence to take Kenneth's children from the situation back to his home.

According to authorities, Kenneth arrived to Michael's residence. Michael was on the front porch and claimed the Kenneth attempted to run him over multiple times with his truck.

Michael then went to get his weapon, a hi-point 9mm gun. Michael claims that Kenneth came towards him with a knife and a struggle happened.

Michael shot all rounds at Kenneth, which resulted in gun shot wounds in the upper torso and the head of Kenneth.

In a statement in court, Micheal Scoggins said the situation happened very quickly.

"It happened all so fast," Scoggins said.

Upon arrival, authorities found Michael lying next to his brother. Authorities say Micheal was completely compliant.

Michael and Kenneth both have two children. Michael's children are 3-years-old and 15-months old.

Investigators say they found no knife on the scene, and has not had any reported incidents of domestic violence between Kenneth and his wife.

Detectives say neither Kenneth or Michael have a criminal history.

Michael's bond is set at $20,000.