You have the right to be safe and free from abuse

You have the right to be safe and free from abuse

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The names have been released of the Forrest County couple found shot to death inside a Glendale home. Forrest County Deputy Coroner Lisa Klem told WDAM the victims are 53-year old Oleta Maury and 56-year-old Virgil Maury.

The coroner said the couple was found shot in a house on Maxwell Drive. The Forrest County Sheriff's Office said no suspects are being sought and it is believed to be a domestic dispute.

Jessica Bowman takes a look at the dangers of domestic violence and how you can protect yourself.

"At the Hattiesburg Police Department, we feel all victims are important, especially domestic violence victims," Lt. Latosha Myers-Mitchell said. "Victims of domestic violence are not just women. Men and children are victims of domestic violence too."

Domestic violence is a painful experience that can be both mental and sometimes physical. It's crucial if you find yourself in that situation to seek help.

"Domestic violence ranges from anything from arguments, mental abuse, it could be physical, fighting, hitting and punching," Myers-Mitchell said.

Myers-Mitchell is over Hattiesburg Police Department's Victim Service Unit and has a passion for helping those who in some cases may not be able to help themselves.

"A lot of times you get so involved and so engulfed in the problem there is you don't recognize there are avenues for you to get out of that situation,"  Myers-Mitchell said. "There are ways you can walk away from that situation."

She said it's key to opt out.

"If you find yourself involved in a situation that is violent and not safe for you, leave as soon as possible," Myers-Mitchell said.

Know where to run. Hattiesburg Police Department is considered a safe place, a place where victims can turn to when their road has reached a dead end.

"Our unit is geared to helping people get out of that situation, because we know that you're important and your life matters," Myers-Mitchell said.

Stalking often leads to more violent situations. There are resources available within the police department to get victims to safety. Victims can file protection and restraining orders. You have the right to be safe and free from abuse.

To prevent yourself from dangerous situations, maintain your privacy and never give out personal information. Vary your routine by altering your schedule and taking different routes to your home or your workplace.

Lastly, trust your instincts and don't be afraid to call police for help. The 24 hour crisis line serves Pine Belt counties. The number is 1-800-649-1092.