Local superintendents talk about teachers carrying guns in schools

Local superintendents talk about teachers carrying guns in schools
Some people, including President Trump, have suggested arming teachers to protect children from school shooters. Photo credit WDAM.

PINE BELT (WDAM) - In the wake of the Florida school shooting, some people, including President Trump, say arming some school teachers might help keep children safe.

Others say it is a bad idea.

Either way, some local school administrators think a few school boards will likely consider it in the coming weeks.

"I've had several people who've asked about that and maybe made that suggestion, asked us to consider that," said Tommy Parker, superintendent of Jones County Schools. "I think it's something we're going to have to give some additional study to, before it's even a consideration."

"I'm sure it will be up for discussion with our school board," said Tess Smith, superintendent of Lamar County Schools. "They oversee all of our policies, so I'm sure it's one we will be looking at."

Parker said there are several issues to consider when implementing a policy allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons.

Among them are how to the select the right teachers, how to train them properly and how to make sure they and the school district have the proper liability insurance.

The president of American Federation of Teachers and the National Association of School Resource Officers have come out against arming teachers in the classroom.