Consider This: Help United Way improve quality of life

PINE BELT - This week's Consider This guest commentary features Greg Hodges of United Way of Southeast Mississippi:

At United Way of Southeast Mississippi, our focus is on creating community-based and community-led solutions that help provide a good quality of life for families. We go beyond temporary fixes to create lasting changes in our communities.

We do it by investing in and partnering with organizations that are improving lives in the areas of education, financial, stability, health and support services.
For example, we invested in programs like COMPASS Reading at Aldersgate Mission. Last year, 80 percent of children in the program improved their reading level by at least one grade and many advanced to read above grade level.

We also partner with the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club, a program that helps "at risk" youth stay in school and uses positive role models to build good citizens through leadership and guidance in behavior and attitude-- those are just two examples of many.

At United Way, we believe results matter. We've set goals and measure our progress to continually improve and adapt our approach. We believe in change, not charity. There is much to be done and it can't be done without you. So, how can you help?

When you purchase a United Way $100K Payday Raffle ticket, the $100 you spend doesn't gives you more than just a chance to win $100,000. It also helps provide meals to the homebound through the Meals on Wheels program and supports a Big Brothers Big Sisters mentor for a student who might be struggling through life and school.

So, while you could just look at a raffle ticket as a way to win $100,000, you need to know that it is also a opportunity to change a life. Tickets can be purchased until Sunday, March 11. The drawing will be on Monday, March 19.

For more information on United Way of Southeast Mississippi or to purchase a ticket visit

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