Charges filed against Petal student who made social media threats

Charges filed against Petal student who made social media threats
Student responsible for threat charged. Photo credit WDAM.

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - Charges have been filed against a Petal middle school student responsible for making dangerous threats on social media to harm students. Petal superintendent Matt Dillon is now reminding people of the policies in place.

"We've concluded our investigation," Dillon said. "We've been able to identify the Petal middle school student that was responsible."

Dillon cannot disclose the punishment of the middle school student due to school policy.

"We have followed our handbook and our policies that we have in place," Dillon said. "I cannot speak about individual student discipline, but you can have anything from a parent conference with a principal all the way to an expulsion, depending on what the offense is."

The relationship between the school district and law enforcement is also very important, he said.

"It's really about building relationships," Dillon said. "That's really what we focus on, building relationships. But also, we have Forrest County Sheriff's Office, we have the Petal Police Department, who are always there any time that we want to call and need a little assistance."

Dillon is also praising the people who stepped up and spoke out when the threat was made.

"If there are concerns or things, the appropriate thing is to call a school official, call the local police department or the school police force," said Dillon.

The Petal schools police force will investigate the incident if reported.