Lamar County doctor prescribes hydration for good health

Lamar County doctor prescribes hydration for good health

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - We are in the second month of the new year, so now may be a good time to check in with yourself. This time of year many people are trying to stick with their health kick, or trying to avoid the flu or another seasonable crud.

Whatever your situation, there is a simple aid that can help you stay healthy and ward off the many germs lurking around, and all you have to do is step into your kitchen.

"It is the cornerstone of everything you do as far as your health is concerned," Southern Medical Center Physician Dr. Lara Otaigbe said.

Otaigbe isn't talking about a miracle drug.

"I usually tell my patients that water is life and that is so true," Otaigbe said.

She explained 60 to 65 percent of your cells are made up of water.

"If you think about the fact that all of your body processes are steeped in fluid, you need water in order to be able to function properly," Otaigbe said.

Otiagbe added there are two sides to this advice. She said the lack of water can cause dehydration, one of the complications causing fatal flu cases this season. But she said the right amount can also ward off certain illnesses.

"You need water in order to flush out toxins from your body," she said. "Your body is constantly producing waste products so you want to flush those out."

If you are wondering if you are getting enough water, Otaibe said your body will let you know.

"A headache is one of the signs of not having enough water in your system, and sometimes it can be just feeling light-headed when you get up from a seated or laying down position," Otaigbe said.

But don't over do it. Otagibe said a gallon of water a day is not a must. She said take your body weight, divide it by two and that's how many ounces of what you should have each day.

Otaigbe said other signs you are not getting enough water are your heart racing, dry mouth, or not urinating or going to the bathroom as often as you should.