Elderberries popular as flu-fighting fruit

Elderberries popular as flu-fighting fruit

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The elderberry has a new-found popularity, as a natural remedy for the flu.

It's the fruit of the flowering plant, Sambucus, also known as the elderflower.

Naturopathic doctor Kirby Thompson, of Wildflower Wellness, LLC, said it can boost the immune system and has other benefits.

"We also use it for digestive issues, weight loss," she said.

Elderberries are also used to make wine and flavor food.

One Petal pharmacist said he's had trouble keeping elderberry extract in stock.

"Elderberry extract has gone wild," said Kim Rodgers, of Rodgers Family Pharmacy. "We can't even get it from our wholesaler, we've sold out of every bit that we had."

Thompson said elderberries aren't for everybody.

She said if you have any serious health issues or other concerns, consult a healthcare professional.