Steam workshop takes over William Carey

Steam workshop takes over William Carey

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - William Carey University hosted its annual creativity exploration program called Saturday Steam Camp on Jan. 27.

Students across the Pine Belt were nominated by teachers and parents to be a part of the very unique STEM program.

Director of the Center for Creative Scholars Dr. Christina Liverett said they added the "A" in S.T.E.A.M. which means Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

"It's an opportunity for our gifted learners in grades second through sixth to demonstrate their creative potential and their creative talents as they go through STEM activities with an arts-integrated twist," said Liverett.

Students got to choose between three projects; Garbage-ology, food truck international, and CSI investigation.

Teachers involved says the gifted program is all about taking what students love to do and using that to teach them in a way that allows them to show their full range of creativity.

Stephanie King, a fourth grade teacher at Oak Park Elementary in Laurel, said, "A lot of times, gifted children are misunderstood, because they are divergent thinkers. The don't think along the lines of what the general student would."

Organizers say if you are interested in nominating your kids or students for the program, William Carey will host another workshop in the summer open to all children.