City of Hattiesburg plans to introduce newsletter

City of Hattiesburg plans to introduce newsletter

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - This spring the City of Hattiesburg plans to launch an E-newsletter to improve communication with residents.

"A part of Mayor [Toby] Barker's vision for 2018 moving forward is to expand communications to absolutely as many people as we can about what is going on in the city," said Samantha McCain, chief communications officer for the city.

The newsletter will provide information regarding city services, events and other important information.

"We believe in making sure that everyone knows what is going on with their city government," McCain said. "We are doing whatever we can to make sure that you know when your trash needs to be picked up, when events are happening and anything else that is important to our citizens."

Residents can sign up for this by going to the city's website at

"Mayor Barker's vision for expanding communications for our citizens is to use as many communication channels as we can," McCain said. "So this new newsletter will be in electronic format. And will help reach that extra layer of folks and provide information where we need it."