Plans brewing for new restaurant in Hattiesburg

Plans brewing for new restaurant in Hattiesburg
Source: WDAM.

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A new brewpub could be heading to Hattiesburg and city leaders are "hoppy" about it.

Hattiesburg City Council voted unanimously to approve rezoning of an empty building on West 4th Street and Meadow Lane Drive from multi-family residential and professional business to community business.  That means the developer who purchased the building can move forward with plans to put a brewpub in the 90-year-old building.

"I happen to be a the planning commission and just listen to the discussion," said councilwoman Mary Dryden.  "It's a wonderful concept."

According to a proposal, the building would be transformed into "Brewery Colludium,"  a place for the neighborhood to meet.  The restaurant would brew beer, but the beer would not be sold or distributed off-site.

"I think it's a very creative use of that building and a great business, it sounds like something that fits very well in the way the neighborhood has evolved," said Dryden.

The proposal also includes plans to improve the security and safety of the Longleaf Trace around the building, including additional lighting and services to bikers, runners and walkers.

"Anytime we can add a venue such as a nano-brewery or micro-brewery to our landscape of many eateries and places to fellowship, I think it's a good thing, especially for where it's going to go," said Mayor Toby Barker.  "You are looking right along the Longleaf Trace in an area that could use some revitalization close to campus, so I think it's going to be a great addition to that Avenues area."