Lamar County family back home one year later

Lamar County family back home one year later

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - On Sullivan Kilrain Road in Lamar County, you'll find the Baggett home. These days, the torn earth here isn't just a sign of a foundation for a new home, it represents the future and hope. If you look closely, painful reminders of the past linger, with pieces of their old property still hanging from their tree.

"Things that you would have never thought of is gone," Melissa Baggett said.

One year ago today, an EF3  tornado shredded the home Melissa Baggett shared with her husband, a home that had been in the family for generations and was suddenly gone in a matter of seconds.

"We didn't have time to squat down enough in the bathtub before it was already on us, it was already here. We had no clue it was coming directly at us, from there it just, it just went crazy after that," Baggett said.

At daybreak, the Baggett saw that their home was barely standing and in pieces across their yard. Baggett said starting over was long and stressful. Insurance put them up in a house while they weighed their options of rebuilding. Baggett said they feared they could be in the path of mother nature's wrath again one day, so they decided their next home would be a metal building.

"It's very thick. It's very durable, and if you notice some of the areas the buildings hold up quite well. I did not want a building, but it turned out pretty good," Baggett said.

She said once the building was delivered to their property in August of 2017, they got to work making it a home. Baggett said they did it all from ceiling to floor, building, painting, and electrical. They moved in on January 1st.

"We are on our own property. We are back home, what we are familiar with," Baggett said.

There are a few relics around the home to help with that ease. Baggett said a friend repurposed what the tornado didn't completely destroy. Baggett pointed out a bowl she said a friend made from what was left standing of the magnolia tree that was in her year before the storm.  She explained the cutting boards in her kitchen were once the cypress cabinets from her original home.

Baggett said gestures like that kept her and her husband going and kept their faith intact.

"That's what got us through was our faith in God, and that he brought us through the storm that we went through and the blessing after the storm," Baggett said.