Defensive driving tips for driving in winter weather

Defensive driving tips for driving in winter weather

PINE BELT (WDAM) - With the latest round of winter weather pushing into the Pine Belt, emergency officials are closely monitoring the road conditions.

We want motorist to be mindful of all the things that come with inclement weather, especially with what we have moving in at this time," said Mississippi Highway Patrol spokesperson Travis Luck.

Luck said that people forget they aren't equipped to drive in winter weather in south Mississippi.

"We do know that our motorist are not totally equipped to drive in the icy, snowy weather conditions," Luck said.

And for those that must travel in winter weather conditions, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

"Be mindful if you do go into a slide, or if your vehicle comes out of control on the ice, try to not apply the brake," Luck said. "We all know that our immediate reaction is to do that, but that is one thing that is very important."

Another thing, don't follow too closely, and always reduce your speed. Luck said speeding vehicles on icy roads lead to the most wrecks.

"Our troopers will be out, we will be out patrolling the highways, you know, looking for stranded motorist and other such things to give them help," Luck said.

If you do become stranded: "We want our motorist, if you do become stranded, to turn your hazard lights on and call star 47," Luck said. "Try to not tie up the emergency lines of 911."

And  if you can, try to stay off the roads.

"I strongly encourage that motorist stay off the roadways, if it is not an emergency, or you do not have to be on the roadway, stay off them, stay in a safe place."