Forrest County buildings upgrade to fiber optic internet services

Forrest County buildings upgrade to fiber optic internet services

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Forrest County buildings in downtown Hattiesburg will soon see an upgrade in their Internet service.

The Board of Supervisors recently entered into a three-year contract with C Spire that will provide fiber optic internet services to all of the county-run buildings in the downtown area.

"The board is pleased to announce that we are moving to high-speed Internet. The services that we offer currently provided is cable Internet," board president David Hogan said. "This new C Spire high-speed Internet will make it more efficient and we will also be providing more more services to the people so that in a lot of cases they won't even have to come to the courthouse.To pay their bills."

Buildings such as the chancery court building, the circuit courthouse and the tax collectors building will benefit from the upgraded internet speed.

"It is the most modern optic high-speed Internet provided," Hogan said. "And it's our understanding by then bringing it to us agreed to our buildings downtown that it will also be made available to do the other entities and businesses in the downtown area. So we're pleased about it."

Once the fiber optic lines are tied into the county's network, the system will have a backup internet system in place also.

"It is the first time that C Spire has provided the service downtown," Hogan said. "We're proud to be offering it to the citizens, and we're hopeful that the area businesses downtown will benefit from it as well."

The system should be completely tied in to the county's network by the end of this month.

This service will also be available to all businesses within 500 feet of the existing fiber optic lines in place.