'Move To Learn' program comes to East Marion Elementary

'Move To Learn' program comes to East Marion Elementary

MARION COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Mississippi Department of Education's office of healthy schools brought its "Move to Learn" program to East Marion elementary school today.

"This changes the game, it makes children excited about wanting to learn. It's movement," said Coach Larry Calhoun, who is office of healthy schools division director at the Mississippi Department of Education.

Hundreds of elementary students watched Calhoun share his healthy habits and promote physical activity while making them laugh and learn exercises at the same time.

Move to Learn is designed to help teachers raise student fitness levels and, in turn, raise student achievement.

"There's a whole body of research on how things get better for children when they are moving," Calhoun said. "When they are moving there's more blood flow to the brain, something known as neurogenesis occurs in the brain, which means they are going to focus and concentrate. Now we know there is a correlation between academic performance and movement."

The program has over 50 exercise videos that last about 5 minutes each.

"This is Mississippi teachers, this is collective responsibility," Calhoun said. "This is teachers saying that here's a tool that's good for every child, every teacher and every administrator in the state of Mississippi. I think it's A great day for education in Mississippi."

This program is free and made possible by the Mississippi Department of Education and the Bower Foundation.