GRAPHIC: Owners want answers after two dogs shot in Moselle

GRAPHIC: Owners want answers after two dogs shot in Moselle

MOSELLE, MS (WDAM) - A family living on Tower Rd. in Moselle says someone is targeting dogs after two pets were shot over the past couple of weeks.

"This is why people make me sick!" Olivia Jefcoat said in a Facebook post.

According to Jefcoat, her dog, Hunter, was shot in the foot Sunday. Jefcoat told us Monday evening Hunter had to be put down. She had the dog for nearly eight years.

"Hunter is the sweetest boy and never causes trouble," Jefcoat said. "I don't understand why they had to shoot dogs. I mean, he never goes out of the yard, and he never messes with any other dog. "

Jefcoat's grandfather, Jerry Hayes, said Hunter is not the first four-legged shooting victim. Hayes said their neighbor's dog, Kujo, was shot twice in the back about two weeks ago, and he's still recovering from those injuries.

After seeing what happened to Hunter over the weekend, Hayes and Jefcoat want to get the word out about what's happening and find the shooter or shooters.

"I noticed he was limping, so I looked at his paw. Right behind his dewclaw, it was shot clean in two," Hayes said. "I think who'd ever done it, it's not for what he was doing, but just for meanness."

In Jefcoat's Facebook post, she asks anyone who knows anything about the shootings to contact the Jones County Sheriff's Department.

If you have found a stray or injured animal, please call your local animal care and control agency immediately. You can search for your local agency online at Pets911 or Petfinder.

WDAM cameras were with Jefcoat and Hunter just hours before he had to be put down.

"I'm going to find the shooters myself," Jefcoat said.