Around 40 Hiwannee Water customers still without water

Around 40 Hiwannee Water customers still without water
Hiwannee water customers experiencing outages. Photo credit WDAM

WAYNE COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - About 40 people living in Wayne County are still without running water this morning. The Hiwannee Water Association said the customers are still experiencing outages due to a water leak caused by cold weather.

The number of customers who woke up without water Thursday morning was around 200. Some customers reported the outage started days before.

Hiwannee said Thursday it has hired extra people to fix the water problems.

For the residents whose water has been restored, a boil water advisory is in effect. The advisory is in effect for the following areas: Holly Bush Church Rd., Buford Gandy Rd., Toby Landrum Rd., and the Sunlight Community.

The water issue has been difficult, but many customers say it's the lack of dialogue that has them upset.

"They have not told us anything. They asked us if our water was running and we said no," said one woman who wished to remain anonymous.

Another Hiwannee customer has a baby and a 7-year-old child who live in the home. She said she buys jugs of water, and it's costing her money that she does not have.

"It's hard to try and constantly catch jugs of water and buy jugs of water when you don't have money to do those things," she said.