Hustle University brings program to Hattiesburg High

Hustle University brings program to Hattiesburg High

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Teachers and administrators of Hattiesburg High School gathered to hear a presentation from the representatives of Hustle University.

The group brought its "Make a Way" program that helps teachers build better relationships and teach their students in a more relevant manner.

"We think this is very important because we want to deal with real core issues," said Nicholas Scott Sr. of Hustle University. "Issues like implicit bias and classroom management, tardiness. We want to start the year off with a great jump start to get teachers in line with administrators. And the people in charge so that we can serve the youth."

The group will have five total visits to the high school this year.

"We hope to accomplish success between the students, the teachers, the staff the administrators," Scott said. "We want to shape the climate and culture. And help shape the climate and culture at Hattiesburg High. "We want to bring to the forefront and help facilitate a change in Hattiesburg High."

Their representative said that they were brought to the school by the school's principal.