Hattiesburg Zoo preparing animals for cold nights ahead

Hattiesburg Zoo preparing animals for cold nights ahead

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - As the temperature begin to dive, Hattiesburg Zoo officials said they are prepared to keep animals warm during the cold weather.

"A lot of the animals we have are tropical animals, and they're not quite used to the cold weather," said Stephen Taylor, Animal Care Manager at the Hattiesburg Zoo. "All of the holdings are heated so if we need to we will keep them inside."

Taylor said the enclosures allow the animals to stay inside or go outside.

"We have a cold-weather protocol and each animal has their temperature guideline of what they get," he said. "Some will get heaters and some will get heat lamps, some will get hay beds."

All of this is done well in advance of winter.

"If you come on a cold day you may or may not be able to see some of these animals because they're inside staying nice and warm," Taylor said. "They all have heaters and towels and blankets in there to stay warm."