Petal man has touching reason for creating unique decoration

Petal man has touching reason for creating unique decoration

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - A Petal man decided to spend the holiday season creating his own unique Christmas decoration. It might look a little different, but it definitely has a few people in town talking.

Christmas is one of the few times during the year when people decorate their yards to help bring in the holidays, but W.L. Busha decorates his yard for a different reason.

"I had a dream that kind of inspired me to do this. I lost my wife to cancer almost three years ago," said Busha. "For some reason, I didn't really know why I wanted to do this."

Busha decorated an old truck, led my Rudolph and driven by Santa and Frosty with a 16-foot tree on the back. Busha said it wasn't until he spoke with the nurse who worked with his wife who told him the reason why he felt the need to do it.

"She told me, she smiled at me and said, 'Your wife sent that to you,'" said Busha.

Busha, along with family and friends, spent almost five days putting the decoration together.

Since the passing of his wife, Busha said Christmas has been a sad time for him, but this year is different.

"This has been one of the happiest Christmases that I've ever had. Getting the family involved with this and let's all do this, it just made it real good for us to do it."

Busha said he felt this was the best way for him to ring in the holidays.

"I feel like that Christmas has got a lot more commercialized, more than it used to be, and sometimes we get away from the real reason for Christmas," said Busha. "I just feel like this was something that I wanted to do to honor her and to honor Jesus."