Grinches steal wallet at Thomley's Christmas Tree Farm

Grinches steal wallet at Thomley's Christmas Tree Farm
Surveillance video from Thomley's Christmas Tree Farm. Source: Facebook.

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Two Grinches were caught on camera stealing a wallet at Thomley's Christmas Tree Farm in Lamar County. The business posted surveillance video to Facebook on Thursday evening.

In the video, you can see two women in the gift shop. As one woman distracts an employee, the second goes behind the counter and starts going through an employee's purse.

Lamar County Sheriff Danny Rigel said as many as four credit cards from the stolen wallet were used at a Dollar General in New Augusta. According to the Facebook post, the suspects purchased more than $3,000 in gift cards and merchandise at the Dollar General.

Several comments on the post said the same women stole wallets at a store in Wiggins last week. Rigel said investigators are working with officials in Stone County and in Perry County, where the credit card was used.

"We also have information that they have done it possibly in Poplarville, Stone County, maybe Marion County. Our investigators are trying to get videos from different places so that we can identify who they are," said Rigel. "We do know that the younger one that went behind the counter, she had some kind of gold trim along her top upper teeth."

Rigel said the pair could be traveling in a beige or gray colored sedan with a decorative frame around the back tag.

If you recognize the suspects, or have any information that can help investigators, contact the Lamar County Sheriff's Office at 601-544-2412 or Metro Crime Stoppers at 601-582-7867.