Mother of twins arrested in Hattiesburg triple shooting speaks out

Mother of twins arrested in Hattiesburg triple shooting speaks out
Joyce Dawkins. Photo credit: WDAM
Joyce Dawkins. Photo credit: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The mother of the twins arrested in connection to Monday's triple shooting in Hattiesburg is speaking out.

Joyce Dawkins said her sons are being accused of a crime they didn't commit.

"Labeling my twins as alleged Vice Lord members," Dawkins said.

D'Andre and D'vonte Humbles are locked up for multiple charges following the triple shooting Monday at the Bonhomie Apartments.

"D'Andre had Deidre Burns is his baby's mom," Dawkins said. "He was living over there from time to time. So, this is not like my sons jumped in a car, put on rags and hoodies and went over there and did a 187. It was a self-defense type of deal. My children are not in Vice Lord gangs."

Burns was also arrested in connection to the case.

The twins' mother said the criminal proceedings are slow, and her sons have to sit behind bars because she can't afford  the bonds of $400,000 for each son. She said she is frustrated with how her two sons, one of which was a star football player for Hattiesburg High School, are both being portrayed.

"I just don't understand why they are being so stereotyped and set out to be such thugs and killers," Dawkins said. "These are babies locked up with real criminals."

Dawkins said her sons came from a loving home and didn't turn to gangs for love and support.

"I know my children and they are not gang members," Dawkins said. "Just kind of caught up at the wrong time. These are two young boys that were leaded down the wrong road that can be turned around with mentorship, preachers and just prayers. I don't feel like they are being fairly treated and you know just not giving them a chance to turn their life around."

Right now, Hattiesburg Police are continuing to investigate the crimes that took place at Bonhome Apartments.