On Your Side: Concerns over Cross Creek Parkway

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - There is no denying drivers can be faced with traffic troubles at any time of the day on Highway 98.

Last month, WDAM asked viewers what they would say is the worst intersection in the Hub City.  While similar areas filled the comments, there was a certain issue that kept popping up in the hundreds of posts — the landscaping on Cross Creek Parkway.

"To [sic] many trees in the way and the sight triangle does not meet the code the council set," Brandon Lee wrote on the post.

Jaclyn Day posted "Cross Creek Parkway, the landscaping also needs to be removed, it makes it very hard to see."

And Amy Hartley Parker wrote "the cluster that is Cross Creek Parkway - someone should be fired over that design!"

I took those complaints and concerns to Hattiesburg City Hall to see what, if anything, could be done at the shopping center.

Ann Jones, Hattiesburg's Chief Administrative Officer, said Cross Creek Parkway is a city street, but it is privately maintained.

"We have gotten with the management company for the retail development and they have gotten with their landscape company," Jones said. "The landscape in the center median has been trimmed and thinned. We've provided them with a copy of our code of ordinance on requirements for vegetative heights and they have brought them back into compliance."

You may have recently noticed the a clearer view and it is not only thanks to Mother Nature this holiday season.  Jones said the trees in the median were not in compliance after WDAM brought the issue to the department.

"The heights were really close to compliance," Jones said.  "A lot of vegetation they've used in that design was a little thick, but they have done of nice job of pruning and trimming."

While that is the only thing the city can enforce at this time, Jones shared a roadway improvements concept from a local developer that was submitted to the city in the last year.

The proposal would remove some of the median and shift the flow of traffic with a round-a-bout, instead of stop signs, at the crossing between the two buildings where there is a Bed, Bath & Beyond and David's Bridal.

"I think there are some infrastructure things that could be installed there from a long term perspective that could enhance it, yes," Jones said.

Right now, the improvement concept is just an idea.  There are no plans to make changes at Cross Creek Parkway any time soon.

"We continue to make capital improvements in all our roadways," said Jones.  "This is another area that will be added to the list and taken a look at just as soon as funding could become available."