1 jailed in Lamar County auto burglary sting

1 jailed in Lamar County auto burglary sting
Suspect captured in Lamar Co. burglary sting;Photo credit: Ryan Moore (WDAM)

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - An undercover sting by Lamar County authorities landed one person behind bars early Wednesday morning.

"We did a stake out, our narcotics investigators and our detectives sat at an apartment complex where they were having a lot of these (auto burglaries) and they caught a 19-year-old male breaking in, trying to break into some cars," said Lamar County Sheriff Danny Rigel.

Colby Deer, 19, of Gulfport was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance (ecstasy) and auto burglary.

During the arrest, Deer had plenty to say.

"I wish y'all would hear me out…though…can...please…can y'all," said Deer. "I came to see a female, in the process I tried to break into a car, I tried to break into a car, I tried to get a charger, I swear to god I'm not lying about anything I'm saying."

Deer was asked how many cars he tried to get in…

"I would say about 10 or 8…I would say about 10 or 8," said Deer. "Ok…I did that… I'm going to be 100… I was doing…I told y'all, I didn't lie to y'all about that…I didn't break in...I didn't get in any car though."

Investigators also searched his car and found drugs, and Deer owned up to that as well.

"Drugs…ok…so I have the gas…the weed…that's…ok I have two grams on me…but the ecstasy, I did not know that was ecstasy… somebody told me that was, freaking candy….and I freaking had it with me," said Deer. "All I ever smoked was weed…I really…really…really…don't even know that was ah…I swear to god I thought that was candy."

"He was apprehended, ah he's not from here, he's from Gulfport, but we have reason to believe he's probably done a lot more and we're in the process of investigating that," said Rigel.

Deer was asked again how many cars he tried to get in…

"So that in all…. probably about 13… tonight I tried to…cars…. But…. The ecstasy I swear to God," said Deer.

Rigel said one thing the public can do to help, is lock their doors.

"It's a crime of opportunity, usually they don't want to break a window, unless they see something of value on the seat…so if you're going to leave something in your car, put it in the trunk, don't put it in where they can see it… It's called window shopping is what it is," said Rigel. "We're going to be out here aggressively, until we stop it, and I think we made a dent in it with the arrest of this individual and I think there's going to be some other arrests in the future."

Rigel said other charges are pending and the investigation is ongoing.