Sewer improvement project underway in Hattiesburg

Sewer improvement project underway in Hattiesburg
Sewer Improvement Project. Source: City of Hattiesburg.
Sewer Improvement Project. Source: City of Hattiesburg.

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Three Hattiesburg neighborhoods will see improvements with their sewer systems in the next year.

Mayor Toby Barker announced the city's sewer improvement project on Thursday.  Work has already begun on Duke Avenue in Ward 2, where Barker said there are chronic problems with collapse.

"On Duke Avenue and Corinne (Street), they're not only going to get a new sewer line that will set them up for success long term. They are also going to get their street paved after its done, so that's welcome news to this neighborhood," said Barker.

Council member Deborah Delgado, who represents Ward 2, said she had been pushing for the infrastructure improvements for years.

"I know that sometimes it takes a little time, but I'm glad to see it finally here and I'm thankful for the City of Hattiesburg," said Delgado.

The work at Duke Avenue is expected to be complete by the end of January.  Crews with C.B. Developers, the company contracted for the work, will then move to Corinne Street and then to Dogwood Drive.

"In the case of Dogwood Drive, this is a part of the city that never had sewer service to begin with, so they had to treat their on site with a septic tank," Barker said.  "So now, they will have sewer service to their homes. It represents progress to three streets in two different wards."

The announced cost for the project is $1,077,240.50.  Mayor Barker said the funding was originally set aside for a new waste water treatment facility, but with permit requirements and a legal settlement, the money was shifted to the needs under the city roads right now.

"For so long the city did not put the necessary investment into upgrading their infrastructure," said Barker.  "Over the last five years, you saw the past administration, the past city council get serious about infrastructure. We're planning on doing that in this administration when it comes to water and sewer and the streets."

Mayor Barker is asking for residents in these areas to be patient with crews as the improvements continue.  The project is expected to be complete by August of 2018.