Wayne County authorities give tips on preventing burglaries during holidays

Wayne County authorities give tips on preventing burglaries during holidays
Protecting your home during the holidays. Photo credit WDAM

WAYNESBORO, MS (WDAM) - In anticipation for the holiday season, the Wayne County Sheriff's Department wants to remind people to stay vigilant when leaving their homes. Sheriff Jody Ashley spoke to WDAM Friday about the potential risks of leaving your home unprotected.

"Call the sheriff's department and let us now," Ashley said. "Holiday season is in. People are out shopping and leaving their homes. Just be vigilant, especially to something in your neighborhood."

Some tips for keeping your home safe can include buying lights that gives the illusion of the homeowner being home.

"You can buy a light that's on a timer that will turn your lights on at a certain time," Ashley said. "That way, your lights are on when it gets dark."

Security cameras can be a good deterrent, but if a home is burglarized, those cameras will catch it.

"Homeowners should have security cameras," said homeowner Slade Barnett. "It's a great piece of mind, and it can help you solve a crime after the fact."

Barnett and his company Pro-Tech install security cameras, but Barnett also uses his own camera system.

"During the holidays, you're ordering a lot of Christmas presents," Barnett said. "If you're not here during the day, the UPS man just drops them off. We receive packages at least once a day. This is a safe neighborhood, but you never know."

"It's a great alternative to an alarm which is more reactive as opposed to proactive," Barnett said. "The cops have to catch them in the act, but with a camera system you can actually be your own detective and have a witness that doesn't lie."

It can also help to stay off of social media. If you post that you're out of town, you can potentially make your home a target.