Hattiesburg Police Dept. top brass sworn in

Hattiesburg Police Dept. top brass sworn in
Photo credit: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A familiar face was sworn in to the Hattiesburg Police Department today, as well as the re-affirmed Chief Anthony Parker.

More than 100 former and current officers gathered for a reunion of sorts as the newly named Assistant Chief Peggy Sealy and Chief Parker took their oaths.

"Hattiesburg Police Department is my home right now, its family," Parker said. "We're there for the community and for each other, we're there to serve the community to make things better for the city of Hattiesburg."

Several former police chiefs and other agencies, including state and federal authorities, all attended the event.

"That shows that we reach out to everyone, and they appreciate it," Parker said. "That's why they came today, to show their appreciation for what we do here at the Hattiesburg Police Department. We're inclusive of all surrounding agencies, everyone that needs our help, we're here for them."

Mayor Toby Barker said HPD is an example to outside agencies.

"They see the police department here rise, I think that it gives encouragement to all the surrounding agencies to," Barker said. "A lot of those leadership in surrounding agencies were trained here and we want that legacy to continue."

Assistant Chief Peggy Sealy is one who is continuing that legacy.

"It's great, it's an honor to be asked by both Chief Parker and Mayor Barker to take this opportunity and help guide the police department, lead the police department and its great and working with the community," Sealy said.

Sealy also described what the department means to her.

"The Hattiesburg Police Department is family," Sealy said. "Other than that, what more can I say? Hattiesburg Police Department is my family."

"I think she serves as not only an example to not only our officers but to kids, especially young woman, across the city and throughout the state, as what you can accomplish if you don't put limits on yourself and you work hard," Barker said.