Christmas tree shopping is in full effect

PINE BELT (WDAM) - According to a recent study by Square tech company, the Saturday weekend after Thanksgiving is when people are most likely to go Christmas tree shopping.

Randy Thomley, owner of Thomley's Christmas tree farm in Hattiesburg, has already seen the rush of shoppers.

"They're here early and they're here early on Sundays, as well. We just go as fast as we can," says Thomley

Roger Smith, owner of Smith's Christmas tree farm in Moselle, says before you go out looking for the right tree, you need to be aware of the bad ones.

"You want a tree that's shaped up good, filled out, and has no holes in it. You don't want one where one side is bad. [Look] to see if it [has] a straight trunk. So, when they put it in the stand, it [won't fall] over."

Having a tree that will last for more than a few weeks is on the wish list of many shoppers. Smith says the secret to keeping a tree is making sure it stays watered. He says to never let it dry out.

If that's too much work, Thomley says a technique called Flocking can extend its life.

Flocking is the process of spraying a white fiber (called flock) on the tree. Once it dries, it turns into a hard substance sealing in the tree's moisture.

"Since it's sealed off, you don't have to bother with watering it," says Thomley. "We put ours up at my house two or three days ago and it'll stay up until spring break."

Thomley's Christmas Tree Farm sprays trees in the color options white, pink, or blue.

Both Thomley's and Smith make customized wreathes, as well.

For more information on Smith's Christmas Tree Farm and their services, call (601) 582-2642

For more information on Thomley's Christmas Tree Farm and their services, call  (601) 264-2743

To view the full Square study, follow the link.