Waynesboro Fire Department receives new truck

Waynesboro Fire Department receives new truck
Waynesboro fire department receives new truck. Photo credit WDAM.

The Waynesboro Fire Department celebrated a new addition to its fleet. Its a brand-new fire truck for its firefighters.

"It took us about a year and a half to spec and for them to build the truck," said Assistant fire chief Eric Scott Bunch. "It's a 2017 freight liner Rosenbauer single cab."
"We started designing this truck in February of 2016," Bunch said.  "We met with several different companies. We sat down with each and every one of them. We finally narrowed it down to one."
The new truck has several upgrades that are designed to make sure the firefighters are safe and efficient.
"Every time we purchase new equipment, we take our old equipment and see what's wrong with it," Bunch said. "We had a lot stuff added to this truck. A lot of minor stuff, but it helps us with what we do."
The new color scheme of the truck is designed to make the truck stand out at night.

"We used to have red trucks, but now we have the red and black truck with the gold striping on it, Bunch said.