Mt. Carmel Church demolition almost complete, portion of Main Street to reopen Wednesday

Photo credit: WDAM
Photo credit: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - North Main Street is expected to reopen Wednesday after months of detours due to demolition at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church.

The portions of Main Street and 5th Street in Hattiesburg have been closed since July after a building belonging to Mt. Carmel Baptist Church was deemed unsafe, unstable and a hazard to the community.

At the time of the announced closure, Hattiesburg Mayor Toby Barker said if the building were to collapse and fall toward north Main Street "you could see something catastrophic happen to a family or a pedestrian."

After a number of public hearings, the City of Hattiesburg contracted M&M Services to complete the demolition project.  The demolition began on October 9th.  

"The company came in, they were very well experienced," said City Engineer Lamar Rutland.  "They brought in the proper equipment and the building was torn down in the reasonable amount of time with the contract. Right now, we are just finalizing the grounds."

Rutland said north Main Street is expected to reopen at the close of business Wednesday, barring no unforeseen circumstances by the construction company.  The portion of 5th Street that has been closed is expected to reopen next week.

The demolition project cost the city just under $340,000.