Meal tips for vegans celebrating Thanksgiving

Meal tips for vegans celebrating Thanksgiving
Tips for vegans celebrating Thanksgiving. Photo credit NBC

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Thanksgiving is Thursday, and not everyone will have an appetite for Turkey. Vegans celebrating Thanksgiving will have to look for their protein elsewhere.

"Vegans do not consume any animal products,"  said Registered dietitian Katie Kensinger. "So, they would need to make sure that any dishes they prepare don't have any of those things."

To prepare their meals, vegans substitute animal based products like dairy for other items.

"For your sides, it's really just how they're prepared," Kensinger said.  "You may want to use more oil rather than butter."

The number of vegan items has increased over the past few years, and it's becoming easier than ever to become a vegan.

"It's really a matter of finding recipes that don't use animal products," Kensinger said. "It's also finding replacement products like vegan cheeses, non-cow's milk, and things like almond and soy milk."

There are also places that exclusively sell vegan items.

"Some specialty stores will also carry pre prepared items that are vegan," Kensinger said. "As for the turkey, there is the option for a 'tofurkey,' which is a tofu turkey."