Hodge says $5.2 million not enough to run Sheriff's Dept.

Hodge says $5.2 million not enough to run Sheriff's Dept.

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Jones County Sheriff Alex Hodge said his budget is preventing him from putting enough deputies on the road and enough corrections officers working in the county jail.

Hodge told supervisors this week that his current fiscal budget of $5.2 million is about $2 million short of what it should be.

"It's my responsibility to keep them informed of what we're facing," Hodge said. "My investigators, four criminal investigators, we're down three, that means they're handling 30, 40, 50 cases per person, that's absurd."

But, Board of Supervisors chief administrative officer Danielle Ashley said supervisors aren't prepared to raise taxes to increase Hodge's budget.

"Every board member and myself, we sympathize with the sheriff and we understand, but it's just that balance, that tough balance of how much burden do you put on the taxpayers for this service," Ashley said.

Hodge currently has 103 full and part-time employees.

He'd like to raise that number to 113.