Starry Night at the Hattiesburg Zoo

Starry Night at the Hattiesburg Zoo

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg Zoo held a Starry Night event Tuesday evening.

Along with the Physics and Astronomy Departments of  the University of Southern Mississippi, kids were offered a chance to see the stars through powerful telescopes and conduct neat experiments among other things.

"It's a starry night, we have USM's physics and astronomy department out here and they're doing a wonderful job of giving us stargazing, doing experiments and were even serving cake with experiments as well," said Jeremy Cumpton, Education manager at Hattiesburg zoo.

"We have train rides, we have the carousel" Cumtom said. "We have animals out here and they're all nocturnal. It's a wonderful time here at the Hattiesburg zoo."

This is the second year for the zoo to hold such an event and they hope to do it again soon.

"As far as education goes, we have educations on physics, relativity, we've got the astronomy department out here educating people about the stars in the sky and constellations that you can see this time of year."