Students of today becoming leaders of the future through Jobs for Mississippi Graduates

Students of today becoming leaders of the future through Jobs for Mississippi Graduates

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Thursday night was a special ceremony for a group of students at N.R. Burger Middle School and some Hattiesburg High School students involved in the Jobs for Mississippi Graduates program.

The group had their initiation and installation ceremony and banquet at the N.R. Burger Middle School in Hattiesburg. Jobs for Graduates is a nationwide program aiding students to further their future from outside the classroom.

"This program is very, very important to me," Amerah Gholar said. "It has taught me so  many skills."

Students of Jobs for Mississippi Graduates marched in to their own beat, the beat of changing the future.

"That range from life skills, to financial skills, social skills and responsibility skills," Gholar said.

"It can show me my way of life," Laila Jones said. "I'm trying to go to UCLA, and I don't think I can get there without JMG."

JMG instructor Penny Potts said it's a program aimed at showing students what they can accomplish with hard work and discipline.

"We are supposed to be, let me say, an at-risk program for students who are contemplating dropping out of high school, not graduating, those that have so many barriers in their home or even in the school," Potts said. "We help give them the tools to stay in school to graduate."

"She has given me a job, she has taught me how to do a resume, she has taught me how to do an application, and most importantly, she has taught me real world skills," Lagraciea Williams said.

Students are able to attend the class every day during school hours, then work outside the classroom continuing to learn the skills of life's trade.

"I'm excited to be a leader," Williams said. "Since I'm a second year and I'm one of the older kids the younger kids look up to me and I'm excited about that."

"Please get in this program," Gholar said. "It is an amazing experience."