2 jailed, 77k in drugs seized in high-risk warrants in Jeff Davis, Covington Counties

2 jailed, 77k in drugs seized in high-risk warrants in Jeff Davis, Covington Counties

JEFFERSON DAVIS COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Multiple high-risk search warrants in Covington and Jeff Davis County landed an alleged drug dealer behind bars.

Patrelle McNair, was arrested at a residence on Harmony Lane near the Jeff Davis Covington County line by Jeff Davis and Covington County authorities and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics agents.

In total, law enforcement officers executed four search warrants all related to the multi-year drug investigation.

During a search of one of the properties, stashed in a broken down car, authorities found several pounds of meth, powder cocaine and marijuana, valued at roughly $77,000.

"We have been getting a lot of complaints about McNair, and the stuff that goes on at these locations, this is a good one to take off the streets and the residents in the county will really appreciate this," said Jeff Davis County Sheriff Ron Strickland.

"It's a good day for us, it's going to put a good dent in the drug traffic here in Covington County," said Covington County Sheriff Stann Smith. "He's (McNair) crossed our radar numerous times, in interviewing this one and that one, his name is one that always came up in an interview that's always related to drugs here in Covington County."

McNair will be charged with possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute in both Covington and Jeff Davis Counties, and five counts of sale of methamphetamine. According to authorities, other state and federal charges are pending.

Russell Padgett was also arrested in the search warrants and is facing one count of possession with intent to distribute in Jeff Davis County.

"Jeff Davis County continues to be a hot bed for narcotics trafficking, and we are going to continue working with our local partners and continue to combat the drug trafficking that runs through the Pine Belt," said Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Director, John Dowdy.