Puppies found in ditch believed to be poisoned

Puppies found in ditch believed to be poisoned
Source: Facebook/Southern Cross Animal Rescue

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Rescuers believe two puppies found in a Jones County ditch were poisoned.

Southern Cross Animal Rescue posted the video of the two puppies Saturday after they were dropped off by a couple who found them in a ditch on Line Road.

Heather Williams, President of Southern Cross Animal Rescue, said the puppies were in 'horrific shape,' anemic, underweight, dehydrated and full of parasites.

Williams said a veterinarian confirmed the reaction was from a poison.  She said it was unclear whether the puppies got into the poison on their own or if it was given to them before being dumped in the ditch.

According to SCAR,  there are many cases of dogs being dumped along the road where the puppies were found.

Williams said the puppies went home with an experienced foster for care around the clock.  As of Tuesday afternoon, the puppies were getting around on their own.