Sanderson Farms makes big donation to disaster relief efforts

Sanderson Farms makes big donation to disaster relief efforts

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - A local company in the Pine Belt is contributing to the recovery efforts for people devastated and displaced by the recent natural disasters.

"We've had one hurricane after the other: Hurricane Harvey, then Nate, and then Maria,"  Sanderson Farms CFO Mike Cockrell said. "They were so bad I think people kind of forget that in the midst of all that we had one of the most devastating earthquakes in Mexico's history in Mexico City, and there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of our neighbors hurting."

That's why Sanderson Farms made the decision to donate $2 million to disaster relief efforts. Cockrell said $1 million will go to Samaritan's Purse to aid in recovery efforts, while another million will go to the American Red Cross.

"The Red Cross is stretched thin," Cockrell said. "We wanted to do what we could. We've experienced all of that with Katrina and other natural disasters so, we know what they are going through."

The Red Cross is focusing it's efforts in Puerto Rico, Florida, Mexico City and the people devastated by the California wildfires. Samaritan's Purse is zeroing in on Texas and the people that need help.

"We also have business partners and customers and good chicken eating folks," Cockrell said. "It's important for them to know we are there. I remember during Katrina, it's just important to know people are thinking about you almost as to get the help and to know people haven't forgotten that you're going through what you are going through."

The chicken manufacturing giant also donated more than 500,000 pounds of chicken, ice and other supplies in areas affected.

"We do it because our neighbors need our help and we are able to," Cockrell said.