HPD hosts active shooter training

HPD hosts active shooter training
Photo credit: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Business leaders and members of the community jumped back in the classroom today to learn how to prepare for an active shooter scenario.

The class was hosted by the Hattiesburg Police Department, and held at their academy.

"We're here to learn the procedures, policies, and what we need to do in an emergency, or in fact an active shooter," said Lindsay Pace, ADP Communication and Event Director.

Hattiesburg police officers and members of the training academy taught the class, which showed multiple active shooter scenario videos.

"We're teaching people how to Avoid, Deny and Defend active shooter assault taking place at their location," said Hattiesburg Police Lt. Allen Murray.

"This is something important for us to participate in just because we are in that large location, the Lake Terrace Convention Center, that's something that's right off the highway, an easy target, so we're bringing this back to our employees and coworkers," Pace said.

Murray said this is an opportunity to teach what police need from the public in the event of an emergency.

"Police, we always train on how would we respond to the scenario, we never tell the community on what they need to do, what their body's going to go through, how the police are going to respond and what they need to do to help us help them," Murray said.

Murray said the class offers some vital tips to help keep anyone alive in a dire situation like an active shooter.

"Provided a scenario takes place, there not going to be sitting ducks, they have something in their tool bag, they can move forward, keep themselves alive and defend themselves until police get there to take over," Murray said.

The City of Hattiesburg has not announced a date for when the next class will be held.