MS Supreme Court affirms ruling on school funding

MS Supreme Court affirms ruling on school funding

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Lt. Governor Tate Reeves released a statement on the Mississippi Supreme Court's Thursday ruling on educational funding.

The court affirmed a ruling from a Hinds County Chancery Court, which had dismissed a lawsuit from 21 public school districts that sought more than $235 million in state funds they argued they were entitled to from 2010-2015 under the Mississippi Adequate Education Program.

The districts argued that under Mississippi Code, the state legislature is mandated to fully fund MAEP, but the legislature did not follow this mandate. The Hinds County Chancery Court dismissed the lawsuit in 2015 because it was determined that this section of Mississippi code was not a binding mandate.

"Mississippi's Constitution is clear - it is the Legislature's sole authority to allocate tax dollars, and I appreciate the decision of the justices to dismiss the lawsuit by a former Democrat elected official," Lt. Gov. Reeves said. "I'm proud Mississippi's Republican leaders have prioritized education at all levels and spent about $400 million more than it did just six years ago, and we will continue to find more ways to invest in the classroom to provide opportunities for our kids."

You can view the full opinion below.