Forrest County Board approves Calico as 12th Circuit Court liaison

Forrest County Board approves Calico as 12th Circuit Court liaison

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Today, the Forrest County Board of Supervisors approved a personnel action form that creates a liaison position in the 12th Circuit Court to be filled by Nick Calico, former Chief Investigator with the sheriff's department.

According to Board President David Hogan, the personnel form, which was submitted by senior Judge Robert Helfrich, states that Calico's pay rate will remain the same and that he is basically being transferred from the sheriff's department to the 12th Circuit Court.

Hogan said it's based on a recent law passed by the legislature in regard to inmates awaiting trial being able to have their bonds reduced or persons to be released on the own recognizance.

"Hopefully it's going to reduce the number of inmates in the Forrest County Jail and save us, the taxpayers at Forest County, a substantial amount of money in and made housing and medical costs," Hogan said.

Hogan also said that it's his understanding that the sheriff's budget will be reduced by the amount of Calico's current rate of pay and that the new position will be paid out of existing circuit court funds for this fiscal year.

"The senior judge and the sheriff made the determination that Detective Calico was the right man to do the jobs duties," Hogan said. "The board agrees, we think that he's very capable and will do a good job in that position."

The move comes after an opinion from the Mississippi Ethics Commission raised questions for Forrest County Sheriff Billy McGee and his department regarding employing family members. In November 2016, Calico married Sheriff McGee's daughter, making him the sheriff's son-in-law.