WCU celebrates museum restoration with new exhibit

WCU celebrates museum restoration with new exhibit

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - William Carey University is celebrating its restored Gillespie Art Gallery by hosting a new exhibit of paintings that have survived two South Mississippi storms.

It is called, "Emerging from the Storm: Seldom Seen Paintings" and it features works from 16 different artists.

Those works, part of the Sarah Gillespie Collection, not only survived Hurricane Katrina on the Coast, but also the Jan. 21 storm in Hattiesburg.

After that tornado, which damaged the museum, about 700 works in the collection were moved to the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art for restoration and storage.

"(During the move), we saw paintings that we had forgotten about back in the vault we said look at this one, I'd forgotten about that one, or look how pretty this one is and we haven't put it on the walls in a long time," said Pam Shearer, museum curator.

25 of those "seldom seen" works are part of the new exhibit.

A reception for the exhibit was held on Tuesday.

It will run through mid-January.