What you can do now to prepare for Nate

What you can do now to prepare for Nate

PINE BELT (WDAM) - As the Pine Belt prepares for tropical storm Nate to make landfall, there are some steps you can take now to be prepared.

It is crucial you get an emergency kit together before Nate makes landfall. As we have told you items like food, water and medicine should be apart of that kit. Here are a few other ways you can stay prepared.

You can stock up on canned foods and other items that don't have to be cooked in the event you loose power.  It's important to fill your cars up with gas and fill extra gas cans up. Make sure you store them in a safe place.

Another resource that will help in the event of an emergency, a battery pack for your cell phone so you are able to keep your phone charged.

"A lot of people are out buying batteries and gas cans, which we have as well, but you may not think about the ability to charging your cell phone," said Petal's Ace Hardware store manager Kenneth Laird. "We do have three different sizes or types of charges you can have pre-charged and no matter where you are, you can charge your cell phone."

Lard said their store has been busy the past few days, but they still have supplies for your kit in stock.

Another tip experts recommend, have cash handy. If power is out debit and credit card machines may not work.

One customer added, "They need to go on and hurry up and get prepared before it gets here."