Abandoned dog nursed back to good health

Photo Source: WDAM
Photo Source: WDAM
Photo Source: WDAM
Photo Source: WDAM

In May, workers with the Southern Cross Animal Rescue in Laurel were notified about a neglected animal at a home in Moselle.

Heather Williams said he had one of the worst cases of sarcoptic mange that she's ever seen.

“It's actually the contagious type of mange to other animals and humans," Williams said. "Even as careful as we were trying to be several of us got manage from him trying to treat him."

Williams said he was severely underweight and she believes he was likely hit by a car and left for dead.

"He had entropion in both eyes, which mean the eyelids were kind of rolled in from swelling,” Williams added.

Shelter workers didn't think he would make it, but after a long and tedious animal care plan, they nursed him back to good health.

“He's fully recovered, his hair has come back in, he's beautiful, gentle and loving,” Williams said.

Shelter workers named him Calvin, and they said he's one of the happiest dogs you'd ever want to meet.

Williams even took Calvin home with her for foster care.

“He's got such a goofy big laid-back personality,” Williams explained.

That big personality is now matched with a clean bill of health. 

Williams said any family will be lucky to have him.